Love Dolphins? Come Explore with us!

Encounter wild dolphins in their natural habitat along the beautiful coastline of Panama City Beach.

Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours

Dolphins capture the human imagination in a way that no other creature does. They are intelligent, social, exciting, friendly marine mammals. A large pod of bottlenose dolphins, the iconic grey dolphins that most people are familiar with, makes its home in the waters off Panama City Beach, St. Andrews State Park, and in the Grand Lagoon.

For many years, people could only see captive dolphins at marine attractions. Now, regulations and protections are in place that allow visitors to take boat tours out to view wild dolphins at home in their natural habitat. At Shell Island Shuttle, we are pleased to invite visitors to enjoy our Panama City Beach dolphin tours.

Who Can Take A Dolphin Tour In Panama City Beach?

Panama City dolphin tours are a great activity for visitors of all ages and physical ability levels. Everyone loves dolphins and our dolphin tours are perfectly safe and comfortable. Parents are particularly encouraged to bring their kids along because meeting wild dolphins in a way that respects their place in the marine ecosystem will have a positive influence on children’s attitudes toward wildlife and the natural environment.

Where Can We Find The Most Dolphins In Panama City Beach?

As operators of the official Shell Island Shuttle, we are on the water every day and know where the most dolphins can be found in the waters off Panama City Beach. The bottlenose dolphins that live around Panama City Beach normally feed in shallow water and are often found in large numbers in St. Andrews Bay and along Shell Island. While we cannot guarantee a dolphin encounter on every tour, we offer you the best chance to spot dolphins in Panama City Beach.

What are Panama City Beach Dolphin Boat Tours Like?

Our spacious, luxurious tour boats accommodate up to 6 passengers, and are very stable and safe. Their smooth ride lets you cruise in comfort and easily take pictures and shoot videos while watching the dolphins feed and play. We can cover all of the waters of St. Andrews Bay and motor out into the Gulf of Mexico along Shell Island and Panama City Beach when conditions are favorable.

What are the Best Times of The Year To See Dolphins In Panama City Beach?

The Panama City Beach dolphins are wild animals, and it is practically impossible to predict the best time to see them. The season, weather conditions, air and water temperatures, tide cycles, moon phases, and availability of prey are just a few of the factors that influence dolphin behavior. Generally, there is a good chance of seeing dolphins any time the sun is out and the water is clear emerald green, with feeding activities normally seen on an outgoing tide near the end of the afternoon. Your best bet is simply choosing a dolphin tour operator that is on the water nearly every day year round.

Are Panama City Beach Dolphin Tours Safe?

We have been offering dolphin tours around St. Andrews State Park for many years. All of our guests receive an orientation regarding what they can and cannot do during a dolphin encounter. We ensure adherence to all guidelines established for our guests’ safety and the dolphins’ well-being. Dolphins are curious and playful creatures that nearly always approach swimmers and boats, so it is common for them to swim around you or even along with you at times. Feel free to enjoy this unforgettable experience knowing that your Shell Island Shuttle dolphin tour guides will do everything possible to ensure you a safe and fun time on and in the water.

Shell Island Snorkeling

Take the Shell Island Ferry® out to explore the clear waters around Shell Island and encounter beautiful, interesting marine animals in their natural habitat. Snorkeling is easy, fun, and educational for all ages, and Shell Island is the best snorkeling spot in Panama City Beach.

Things To Do on Shell Island

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Shell Island Ferry

Shell Island Ferry

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Panama City Beach Snorkeling


Shell Island is a local hot spot for snorkeling in Panama City Beach, Florida. Begin your adventure with Shell Island Ferry.

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